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Tokyo... Prior to touching down in Tokyo I didn't quite know what to expect. Sure I did the research, chatted to people I knew that had visited and of course indulged in some Lost in Translation revision but I did not have a definitive 'picture' in my mind of what Tokyo would be like. If anything I was left more with a 'feeling' of what to expect. A feeling that I can only think to describe as a ...

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Australia Travel


As someone with a continually growing wish list of places to explore and a tendency to mentally map out ‘the next trip’ you could definitely say that I have a case of the travel bug. Sure I really love travel planning (it is often half the fun!) but I think it’s important to be mindful of the magic that awaits you in the everyday and not live ‘trip to trip’ so to speak. Whether that be picking up ...

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Central Park

A lovely afternoon in Central Park... After several days of rain we decided to make the most of the newfound sunshine with a picnic in the park. Turns out that we were on the same wavelength as a good chunk of New York inhabitants that day. The newly returned pops of green and cherry blossoms really were a sight for sore eyes. Despite the considerable crowds that day (including cute couples re ...

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