An Ode to the Little Things

When every spare moment counts what we choose to invest our time and energy into is significant to say the least. Not the activity or pastime in itself but the meaning that it holds. A meaning that we bring to what we do as a result of reflection. Both on how we feel about things and the impact that they have on us. The magic that we find in the everyday so to speak. This is an ode of sorts ...

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As someone with a continually growing wish list of places to explore and a tendency to mentally map out ‘the next trip’ you could definitely say that I have a case of the travel bug. Sure I really love travel planning (it is often half the fun!) but I think it’s important to be mindful of the magic that awaits you in the everyday and not live ‘trip to trip’ so to speak. Whether that be picking up ...

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New York, I Love You

Love notes from the Top Of the Rock... New York. New York. A place I feel deeply sentimental about. An island brimming with both seemingly endless opportunities and subsequent harsh realities. Where I have learnt a great deal about myself and how I see the world. Whether that be through long strolls in Central Park, considering a multitude of perspectives in museums and galleries or taking in the ...

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