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The Magic of Experimentation

The magic of I fell in love with black and white photography. Having always thrived on bright blue skies, sunlight and colour I hit a bit of a creative block once winter in Paree had well and truly settled in. The grey days just didn't feel like 'me' or appeal to my aesthetic. As completely ridiculous as it sounds now I initially had a moment where I felt that there was no w ...

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France Travel

Winter in Paree

Winter in Paree... The city is calmer and the light is softer. Mornings are slower and there are endless cups of tea. Layering is an art, particularly when it comes to cosy scarves. Angelina chocolat chaud becomes a cherished ritual. With the shorter days and overcast skies Paree transforms into a classic black and white film. Filled with endless stories that make the wait until spring all the mo ...

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