France Travel

Parisian Summer

Whenever I touch down in a new place the first thing I like to do is get outside and explore my surroundings on foot. Walking around aimlessly is the best way to get a sense of the culture and vibe around you. Not to mention a great way to curb that pesky jet lag. Whilst it is not my first visiting sweet Paree this adventure sure has some pretty exciting points of difference. This time around I ...

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An Ode to the Little Things

When every spare moment counts what we choose to invest our time and energy into is significant to say the least. Not the activity or pastime in itself but the meaning that it holds. A meaning that we bring to what we do as a result of reflection. Both on how we feel about things and the impact that they have on us. The magic that we find in the everyday so to speak. This is an ode of sorts ...

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Japan Travel


Tokyo... Prior to touching down in Tokyo I didn't quite know what to expect. Sure I did the research, chatted to people I knew that had visited and of course indulged in some Lost in Translation revision but I did not have a definitive 'picture' in my mind of what Tokyo would be like. If anything I was left more with a 'feeling' of what to expect. A feeling that I can only think to describe as a ...

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