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In the Studio with Jessie Kanelos Weiner

I am a strong believer in sourcing inspiration from outside of your field and have always been fascinated by artists that create magic with their hands. Jessie Kanelos Weiner is one of those amazing makers and shakers, whose vibrant and engaging work I highly admire. Jessie is an American illustrator, food stylist and author based in Paris. She is also known as The Franco Fly over on her blog, whe ...

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How to Spend A Day in Rouen

There are so many delightful Paris day trip options. With each place having its own unique vibe and ability to transport you to another time in history. From whimsical chateaus to artist's tranquil homes and gardens and many more. The best part is these fabulous places are a short train or car ride away and Rouen is certainly no exception. Discover the capital of the Normandy region, which is l ...

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Peony Season in Paris

Selecting fresh flowers for the home is a cherished ritual in Paris. A bouquet of blooms is a market staple in many respects, akin to that of cheese, a baguette or strawberries in spring. This couldn’t be more the case than during peony season in Paris. Visiting the flower markets at this time of year is a pure sensory delight. With striking walls of peonies lining the flower stalls in a beauti ...

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