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How to Spend a Sunday in Paris

Sunday in Paris...  My favourite day of the week in Paris would have to be Sunday. The city is quiet and the mood is relaxed. Many of the streets are closed to cars, allowing people to wander aimlessly and explore. Whilst many places in Paris are closed on Sundays there are still plenty of lovely things to see and do. Here are a few ways to spend a wonderful Sunday in Paris...Bon Dimanche!  H ...

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An Ode to the Little Things

When every spare moment counts what we choose to invest our time and energy into is significant to say the least. Not the activity or pastime in itself but the meaning that it holds. A meaning that we bring to what we do as a result of reflection. Both on how we feel about things and the impact that they have on us. The magic that we find in the everyday so to speak. This is an ode of sorts ...

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Festival Guide

With festival season in full swing it seems fitting to share a few moments from Coachella. Festivals are a load of fun but with long days and often extreme weather they can also be pretty gruelling if you're not prepared. Here are a few of things that I have picked up over the years. Where to stay:  To camp or not to camp? This is often one of the first questions considered when securing festiva ...

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