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Musings on a few inspirations of late, which are worthy of a weeknight perusal over tea.
Oh and kittens. Cute kittens.
Those of you already familiar with my favourite Sunday afternoon formula, are aware of my fondness for taking some time out to recharge and appreciate the little things. Whether that be sipping on a cup (or two) of tea, watching my favourite films, perusing through interesting reads or taking an afternoon stroll. It is often during these quiet moments that I feel the most creative and inspired.
One of such interesting reads of late is this refreshingly frank, yet delightfully satirical page turner – How to Be Parisian
Wherever You Are
. After coming across this hilarious video I took the plunge and picked up the book last weekend. A fun read that I have been flipping through periodically during the week for a quick burst of inspiration.
That being said, striking the right balance between making time to enjoy these quiet moments (both during weeknights and weekends) with my career, this blog and other projects is still something I am working on. Lately I have been thinking a lot about burnout and the various intrinsic and extrinsic factors behind it. Particularly the apparent glorifying of being ‘busy’ on social media lately – often to the point of being run down.
The uber talented Jasmine hit the nail on the head with her piece on this subject, pointing out quite rightly that the
expression “Find what you love and let it kill you” is a ridiculous standard to put on anyone. It is unrealistic to measure
someone’s passion or work ethic by ‘how busy’ they are. As it is unfair to suggest that being stressed, rundown or sleep
deprived is a reasonable by product of loving what you do.
I am incredibly fortunate in that I have not experienced such burnout of late, however I have definitely been there. I now more than ever appreciate the importance of taking time out. In fact such time of recharge is essential in my book in order to maintain your focus, passion and creativity.
No time like the present right guys?
Now where are these cute kittens I spoke of you ask? Let me present you with exhibit A, B and C – you’re welcome.

Melbourne Caffeine Hit List

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Melbourne knows where it’s at when it comes to a cuppa.
Being based in Sydney’s inner west I am lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing coffee so consequently the bar is always set pretty high. The city that is known for their love of coffee however did not disappoint on my last trip to Melbourne.
I must admit if I had to choose between solely being a tea or coffee drinker I would always choose the former. Tea is what I drink the most of when at home and coffee is more of a treat that I enjoy when out and about. Whether that be when
brunching, on movie dates or when tea is simply not cutting it (looking at you Monday) on busy work days.
One of the things I love about grabbing a coffee in Melbourne is the experience, which differs between neighbourhoods. Each cafe adopts their own brewing methods resulting in an array of unique tastes and aromas, which are amazingly smooth. With incredible attention to detail down to the adorable china or take away cups. Not to mention the people and more importantly pet watching whilst waiting for the barista to work their magic.
Here are a few of my personal favourite places for a caffeine hit including a great place which specialises in teas. I am always on the hunt for the new cafes so feel free to share your favourites!
Market Lane
Shop 13 Prahran Market
163 Commercial Road, South Yarra 3141
With one of the smoothest blends I have ever tried this cafe chain is hands down my go to favourite to grab a latte. This cafe chain that “loves to make coffee for the city that loves to drink it” has several Melbourne locations. I highly recommend
grabbing a take away cup from the Prahran Market location then perusing through the dreamy blooms and sampling some
seriously delicious food.
Tall Timber
60 Commercia Road, Prahran 3181
My favourite cafe in Melbourne with gorgeous minimalist decor, dreamy blooms all around and amazing coffee. Not to mention one of the best mueslis that I have ever tasted. If possible I recommend visiting on weekdays when it is less crowded in order to secure a front window seat area filled with dreamy natural light.
Manchester Press
8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne 3000
Hidden away in a cute lane way in the CBD this cafe is a great place to unwind over a cup of coffee and newspapers.
Complete with amazing bagels to boot! Any bagel variety with avocado on it is a real winner.
Storm In a Teacup
48A Smith Street, Collingwood 3066
Located in one of my favourite Melbourne neighbourhoods this cute tea bar is a delightful place to spend an afternoon after exploring Smith Street. The attention to detail and array of artisan blends (served in some seriously lovely porcelain cups) is worlds apart from the humble tea bag. I highly recommend the breakfast blend – one of my all time favourites.

Striped Sundays – Pinstripes And Pleats

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Nothing quite like a long weekend (or any holiday really) to make you slow down and appreciate the little things.
Such times of rest and relaxation (or in my case recovery courtesy of a pesky cold) often come hand in hand with reflection. Of yourself, your goals and aspirations. Such reflection is greatly important, however it can be all too easy to dwell on what is yet to be rather than celebrate what has been. Over the years I have learnt (sometimes the hard way) to both accept and
embrace the time it can take to achieve these goals or milestones. Such good things are worth waiting and more importantly working for.
It pays to be patient.
Even on a pinstripe level it seems thanks to some patient wish list watching. With the exception of a few investment staple pieces such as this pleated skirt that I picked up a few years ago, I tend to ponder potential purchases whilst sneakily waiting for them to go on sale. As was the case with this pinstripe blazer that I recently picked up for an absolute steal. Tailored pieces can often be tricky, however I am thrilled with the fit and quality of this blazer that I have already gotten plenty of wear out of in both work and off duty situations.
Pinstripe Blazer | ASOS
Navy T-shirt | H & M
Pleated skirt | Lover
Mini Heart Ring| Karen Walker
Runaways Sunglasses | Le Specs

Photos by Max Rowan
stripe-blazer-leathr-pleated-skirt pinstripe