London Market Guide

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Before sharing the rest of my America travel series (any guesses where next?) I wanted to take a dreamy humpday detour to some of my favourite markets in London. Considering that my travel lists comprised predominately of where I wanted to eat, drink and admire gorgeous art and blooms it was a given that visiting markets pretty high up there agenda wise. Perusing the markets in any new place I am visiting is always a highlight, as you get to soak up the atmosphere and mingle with the locals.


Here are a couple of the places where you would find me on a weekend in London.


BOROUGH MARKET: After coming across what can only be described as the most mouth watering grilled cheese sandwich online, visiting this food market was a non-negotiable during my weekend stay in London. Oh boy not only did it live up to the hype but this kappacasien deliciousness exceeded all expectations. Even if the poetry that is grilled cheese is not your bag this market, which offers a serious array of food porn (I mean just look at those pastries) options truly deserves a top spot on your Saturday visit list. Stop in for lunch and sip on a coffee or iced tea whilst you ponder your options.

borough-market-london choc-chip-cookie-borough-market-london borough-market-strawberies borough-market-kappacasein-london borough-market-london-brie

COLUMBIA ROAD FLOWER MARKET: Few things are worthy of waking up early on a Sunday morning but this flower market is one of them. Columbia Road becomes filled with a rainbow of amazing blooms with a background sound of street performers and market seller witticisms. Perusing the dreamy blooms to Cockney accent gems such as “Peonies…O.M.G” and “If its not here, its not worth havin”.  Not to mention the prices, which were incredibly reasonable compared to Sydney were halved to “three for a fiver” as the morning drew on. As someone that happily hands over their disposable income for blooms I was truly in my happy place. A post flower market stroll to Bricklane is also in order for anyone visiting for great coffee, yummy food stalls and a vintage rummage.

columbia-road-london-tulips columbia-road-london peonies-flower-market-london columbia-road-market-flowers columbia-road-market-london columbia-road-flower-market-london-sunflowers tulips-london-columbia-road
Photography by Christie Moore

Hit The Road

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After our brief but nonetheless wonderful stay in San Francisco Max and I hit the road again en route to Palm Springs for Coachella. We had initially intended on going through Yosemite National Park, however with late snow for the season and subsequent closures throughout the park we had to alter our originally planned route. This left us anything but disappointed however, as the stunning landscapes of tall pine trees from around the park, snow covered Sierra mountains (in spring no less) and beautifully vast dessert were breathtaking. These shots do not do the sheer immensity of these landscapes justice and I highly recommend exploring these beautiful parts of California if you get the chance.


This experience truly was case in point to just go with the flow, hit the road and don’t look back.


THE ROUTE: Getting out of San Francisco was a breeze heading east on the Highway 50 and 80 towards Lake Tahoe. From there we ventured South to the sublime Highway 395 where we were greeted with the best of the desert and outskirts of Yosemite National Park. At various point of the journey we had vast desert on one side and snow capped mountains on the other.  It truly was a sight like no other and all up the drive took about one and a half days including an overnight stay and plenty of pit stops to take in our amazing surroundings.


WHERE TO STOP: I highly recommend stopping in at Lake Tahoe with its gorgeous mountain backdrop and rock stacks along the lakes edge. On Highway 395 there are so many cute desert towns to visit such as Mammoth Lake, Bishop and Lone Pine Lake just to name a few. Oh and don’t forget a cheeky In N Out Burger pit stop…with desert mountains as your backdrop no less.


WHEN TO TRAVEL: We travelled in early April (Spring) and there was still snow on the mountains. If your heart is set on focussing on Yoesmite National Park I recommend waiting a few weeks until the end of April or early June. Otherwise early April was a great time to travel as we got to experience both the snow covered mountains, pine trees and dessert landscapes.


Photography by Christie Moore and Max Rowan

lake-tahoe-california-dark-blue-stripes-road-trip california-road-trip-dark-blue-stripes

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california-pine-trees-dark-blue-stripes california-395-desert-raod-trip-dark-blue-stripes market-california-395 highway-395-california-dark-blue-stripes dark-blue-stripes-california-road-trip

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Striped Sundays – Tea Time

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Assembly Label Nouveau Long Sleeve Tee


On any given day if I don’t happen to have cup a cup of tea in my hand it is safe to say that I have either just finished one, or am thinking about popping the kettle on again. Needless to say I couldn’t pass up taking a few new blends home with me from my recent travels. On work days I tend to stick to my go-to (I’m talking the 300 tea bags size box) extra strength Dilmah fix but I love brewing up some loose leafs blends on the weekends. Just like this Earl Grey number with dreamy fruity undertones. Let’s face it though they had me at the delightful striped packaging.


What really makes a tea experience great though is having the time to enjoy it. With great company of course and a uniform of signature stripe tees that feel like pyjama tops. My recipe for a successful Sunday. On that note I’m off…kettle has finished boiling.


Photos by Christie Moore and Max Rowan


Kusmi Tea ‘Anastasia’ by Jean Paul Gaultier | T2 Stump Red Teapot

assembly-label-stripes-tea stripes-sunday-tea