Happy Hands + Lips

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Kicking off the weekend with happy hands and lips. Spoiler alert: these handy hydrators actually work!
As a gal with uber sensitive skin the world of skincare is indeed a confusing one. So many products, ingredients and unfound promises. This is particularly true when it comes to moisturisers. Having previously tried a range of hand creams and lip balms with limited success (in some instances causing further dehydration), I am pretty chuffed with this delightful duo.
It’s all about pure, non-irritating ingredients.
Working as an Occupational Therapist regular hand hygiene reigns supreme. Needless to say my hands crave just as regular
moisturising. This organic hand cream ticks all the right boxes. Hydrating minus the grease factor with a seriously dreamy rose scent. It’s pretty great as a body cream too.
The gorgeous and hilarious Zoe Foster knows a thing or two when it comes to happy lips. This lip balm is indeed the real deal and stays on for the long haul. Unlike so many other products that disappear off your lips straight away. Not to mention this lip balm smells and tastes (minus the nasty, harmful chemicals) amazing! No more sad, cracked lips for me.
Lips! Lip Balm | Go-To Skincare
Persian Rose & Argan Extract Hand Cream | Grown Alchemist

Striped Sundays – Shady

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stripe sunglasses sunday-stripes-le-specs
Shades worthy of a dreamy, sunny day.
After a couple of particularly wet weeks I have reached a new level of appreciation for glorious Sydney sunshine. Being a
longtime fan of classic Runaways, the striped version was swiftly added to my wish list upon its release. Needless to say last weeks rainy day dreaming and free Net-a-Porter shipping (seriously!) led to the acquisition of these shades. Classic frames that provide a subtle stripe statement with my wardrobe staples. Most importantly a chic, sun sensible addition to my
weekend uniform for this afternoons stroll in the sunshine.
Runaways Striped Sunglasses | Le Specs

Photos by Max Rowan
le-specs-runaways sunglasses-flowers-stripes

Ankle Boots

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When it comes to shoes ankle boots are like great friends. You can always count on them.
Whether the situation be work or play ankle boots (much like stripes) are usually the constant. Comfortable and supportive yet providing just the right amount of height, much like a classic pair of pumps. Minus the pain – block heels reign supreme! Much like this dreamy pair that have barely left my feet since I snagged them on sale.
Ankle Boots | Tony Bianco
Mirrored Sunglasses | ROC Eyewear
Nail Polishes | Essie
Here are a few other noteworthy pairs. Including these Chloe studded boots, which have been on my dream list for quite some time.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.