Striped Sundays – Balmoral Boat House

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One of the things I love about living in Sydney is that I am always discovering new gems, and this nautical lovers dream in
Balmoral is no exception.
Visiting The Boat House in Balmoral had been on the top of my visit list for quite some time. Needless to say I was thrilled to finally have an opportunity to head over to Balmoral with my dear friend Yi Huieh (who also kindly snapped a couple of outfit pics) this weekend. I must admit it was definitely crowded (highly recommend securing a table before ordering) when I was there but nonetheless dreamy. From the gorgeous nautical themed decor to the delicious food (the scones were sublime) this seaside spot was pretty darn delightful on a hot summers day.
Such delightfully relaxed moods call for an ensemble to match. Cue this cozy boyfriend fit stripe tee and navy shorts combo. After all style does not have to be uncomfortable.
I’ll leave it there as the pictures say it all. There is nothing quite like a striped summer in Sydney.
Asos Boyfriend Fit Stripe T-Shirt (Comes in a handy 3 pack. Score!)
Soludos Smoking Slipper
Country Road Shorts
Karen Walker Sunglasses


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Morning, Noon And Night

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Ten days post returning to work (complete with aggressive office air conditioning) it seems fitting to share my current day to night skincare party. Here are the beauty champs, which have kept my sensitive skin in ‘holiday mode’.
Cue natural ingredients with no nasty chemicals. With bonus points for dreamy scents of course.
MORNING: Those rise and shine moments before my daily dash to the train are very much focussed upon hydration, SPF

protection (prevention always trumps cure) and my morning caffeine hit. With the sporatic cleanse if my skin needs it but more on that later…
Sukin Sensitive Facial Moisturiser and Antioxidant Eye Cream 
Both of these carbon neutral winners are calming and lightweight yet pack a moisturising punch. On the odd occasion I’m out of eye cream I have found the facial moisturiser to be a gentle enough substitute.
Invisible Zinc Face + Body Sunscreen 
If it’s not at least SPF 30+ I’m not interested. Period.
Needless to say this natural zinc oxide based sunscreen ticks all the right boxes. I must admit the feel of it on your fingers

before applying may lead you to believe it is thick. However I have actually found that my skin breathes better using physical sunscreens over the chemical counterparts.  Not to mention an absence of skin irritation and that ghost look. The awesome Zoe Foster Blake’s lowdown on physical versus chemical is pretty great too.
NOON: Or more accurately what keeps my skin happy during those ‘inbetweenie’ hours.
Eau Thermal Uriage Water Spray 
Basically uber fancy french water spray that my love thinks is kinda ridiculous. It actually works though!  Particularly when desk bound with relentless air conditioning blasting. I always have some on hand at work and in my bag for on the go

hydration. Only con is not being able to take it on flights but I’m currently looking into some hydrating mist options. Would love any suggestions.
Invisible Zinc Face + Body Sunscreen
Reapply. Reapply. Reapply.
Go-To Skincare Lips! Lip Balm
Because soft, moisturised lips are happy lips! Not to mention it actually stays on and tastes pretty dreamy.
NIGHT: Washing the day away and regenerating with a few nocturnal favourites that supplement those precious z’s.
Go-To Skincare Properly Clean Cleanser
My previous track record with cleansers has not been great by any means. After many failed attempts with supposedly

‘sensitive skin friendly’ products I was pretty delighted to find that this dreamy foam cleanser does not leave my skin
cowering. Quite the opposite in fact. It leaves my skin feeling clean (for reals) yet delightfully moisturised. Not to mention smelling pretty fantastic. For me less if definitely more so I tend to only cleanse the day away in the evenings. You need to do what works for you in my books.
The Grown Alchemist Antioxidant Facial Serum
After cleansing my skin absolutely laps up this yummy smelling serum. I find it tends to work better if my skin is still slightly damp and used sparingly. Quality versus quantity is key here kids.
Sukin Antioxidant Eye Cream and Sensitive Calming Night Cream
After being a long time user of the facial moisturiser I was pretty excited to find that the Sensitive range had expanded to this dreamy night cream. Deeply moisturising and rich yet not heavy or oily. Oh and don’t forget that eye cream action.

Moments From 2014

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Sharing a few of my favourite moments from the past year and what is in store for 2015….
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!
I have always found that reflecting upon the past 365 days upon the ringing in of the new year brings a fresh perspective. The past year has been pretty great both personally and professionally. Sure there were some mediocre moments but they just make the highs all the more magical. One such high was celebrating my ten year anniversary with my número uno Max, who also happens to be the wonderful (and incredibly patient!) photographer behind my outfit posts. To mark this milestone we are headed for a worldwide travel adventure in a few months. To say I am excited would be a serious understatement!
Needless to say some of my favourite and most inspiring moments from 2014 have been whilst travelling. I appreciate any
opportunity to embrace new surroundings and experiences, whether it be locally or abroad. I also appreciate downtime more than ever whether that be quality time with family and friends or sipping on tea with a great read in hand.
On that note after some reflective down time the past couple of months I am now also approaching Dark Blue Stripes with a new perspective. I want this space to evolve organically in line with my interests and inspirations so I have decided to nurture the lifestyle and travel aspects of this site in line with those of a fashion nature. I am really excited to explore these aspects of Dark Blue Stripes further and would love to know if there are any topics of interest. Until then don’t be shy on Instagram!
Cheers to the new year and new experiences to come!
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