Striped Sundays – Jardin Du Palais Royal

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Those of you following me on instagram (if not make sure to say hello here) may have guessed from my recent updates that dreamy Paree has been on my mind of late. Needless to say a Striped Sundays update from one of my favourite spots in Paris was in order. One of the bonuses of it having rained 90% of my stay was that Max and I had free rein of typically crowded Parisian spots such as the Jardin du Palais Royal.

Wandering through tranquil gardens is always a wonderful escape whenever I am visiting a new city. The lush greenery and beautiful architecture of the garden and Palais Royal were a much welcomed sight for jet lagged eyes. Oh and the caffeine hit from Cafe Kitsune didn’t hurt either. A must visit whenever you are lucky enough to find yourself in sweet Paree.

Photography by Christie Moore and Max Rowan
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England Day Trips

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 One of the great things about travelling through Europe is how close together everything is by public transport or car and England is no exception. Having previously explored London, Windsor and Liverpool it was great having a midlands base (complete with family tour guide) the second time around. Here are a few of my day trip  recommendations worthy of your itenerary that you can even visit from London.


OXFORD: This gorgeous university town, which is just over an hour train ride from London truly lived up to my expectations. Complete with beautiful sandstone architecture, bike lined streets and gorgeous coloured shops. The kind of place you need to get lost in via aimlessly strolling or bike riding through the backstreets to truly soak up the atmosphere. You too might even catch some students leaving their exam building in complete ceremonial dress – seriously! No trip to Oxford is complete in my books without a visit to the incredible Natural History Museum, which has to be seen to be believed. David Attenborough is a pretty big fan too so enough said really. Oh and the burgers and shakes at Byron on George Street are pretty great too. Just saying…

oxford-university-england oxford-university-press-england oxford-bikes-england

KENILWORTH CASTLE: Next on your must visit list is Kenilworth, which is about an hour and a half via train and bus from London. I must admit that I was not previously aware of Kenilworth Castle but exploring the ruins with Max and his sister one afternoon is one of my favourite travel experiences to date. The wealth of history throughout England is incredible and these castle ruins from the time of Elizabeth I are a testament to that. I recommend exploring the ruins and lovely Elizabethan Garden in the mid afternoon. Make sure to follow it up with drinks and a great pub meal across the road at the Queen and Castle. Quintessential England and its finest.


TRANSPORT TIP: If you opt to travel by public transport the earlier you book tickets the cheaper they will be. The difference can be quite significant depending on the day you are travelling too so I recommend pre-planning.


Photography by Christie Moore and Max Rowan

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Striped Sundays – Festival

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With festival season in full swing it seems fitting to share a few warmer moments from Coachella earlier this year. Festivals are a load of fun but with long days and often extreme weather they can also be pretty gruelling if you’re not prepared. Here are a few of things that I have picked up over the years.
WHERE TO STAY: To camp or not to camp? This is often one of the first questions considered when securing festival tickets. There are pros and cons with both options but I must admit my preference for the latter. After all festival days are long and go ahead rain, hail or shine.  Sure it is super convenient to stay onsite and atmosphere wise it does have its pluses but it could potentially get very old, very fast. In this instance Max and I opted for an Air Bnb in dreamy Palm Springs and it honestly was the best decision for us. It did take us an hour each way on a coach to get to the festival but we got to experience the amazing local area (I mean look at this architecture!) around us and unwind during non festival hours.
WHAT TO WEAR: I really admire the creativity at festivals but for me comfort is key. Just like all aspects of personal style if you don’t feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing it will show. I’m all about sticking to those tried and tested silhouettes and fits that you know will work for you. Not to mention won’t feel like a drag to wear on a twelve hour day. Stilettos need not apply! Make a statement with great accessories (bonus points if it offers sun protection!) and and if in doubt throw some stripes into the mix…naturally.
GO WITH THE FLOW: In order to fully appreciate the atmosphere and culture I highly recommend not planning things too much. Don’t get me wrong I always have a list of must see artists but I thoroughly enjoy wandering around considering new artists and meeting interesting people. You might just discover something new and wonderful about yourself, which is a pretty magical thing in my books.
Photography by Christie Moore and Max Rowan
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