Striped Sundays – Pacific Coast Highway

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pacific coast 1 road trip
Sharing our first (of hopefully many) US road trips along the dreamy California Coastline.
After touching down ever so briefly in Los Angeles to recharge our batteries, Max and I awoke early to embark on our very first US road trip along the west coast en route to San Francisco. Having only flown to San Francisco from New York for a couple of days on previous trips to the United States I was so excited to explore more of the West Coast. This was also my first time driving on the other side of the road. Whilst driving on the highways felt surprising natural after a very short time it was turning at intersections that really messed with my head. Perhaps it’s because I’m a biased leftie but doing a wide left turn into a right lane just doesn’t feel logical to me. That aside this road trip was one the most amazing experiences of my life and Max and I are already mentally mapping out our next road trip shenanigans.  In the meantime here are the details.
THE ROUTE: We left Los Angeles bright and early (even at 7am it was pretty intense on some of the freeways out of the city) and headed for the Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1). On the way out of the city you will pass through some truly gorgeous coastline including Santa Monica (highly recommend spending an afternoon there) and Malibu. You pretty much stay on the 1 the whole way as you head up the coast to San Francisco so it is a pretty chilled drive. All up with a few leisurely breaks for meals, exploring and happy snaps the trip took us about 14 hours.
WHERE TO STOP: There a bunch of places to stop at along the way but my favourites would have to be Ragged Point and The Big Sur. There are tons of great places to pull over and take in the dreamy Pacific Ocean blues and perhaps spot a few cheeky elephant seals basking in the sunlight. I highly recommend arriving at The Big Sur just before sunset.
WHEN TO TRAVEL: We drove early April (spring) and the weather was pretty sublime (blue skies except for brief rain buckets in Santa Barbara). Personally I would steer clear from this drive in the middle of summer traffic wise – particularly along The Big Sur section.
Stripe tee (also available here) | J.Crew
The Prism Fedora | Lack of Color
Tortoiseshell Sunglasses | Karen Walker
Photos by Christie Moore and Max Rowan


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Introducing my in-flight survival kit.


In comparison to previous long haul trips involving overpacked luggage and a lack of in-flight preparation, (cue seriously chapped lips, itchy skin and restless ears) I can honestly say this carry-on army (and overall packing experience) was a real winner.


So much of a breeze in fact that I had time to leisurely shoot and edit these snaps of my carry-on essentials a mere few minutes prior to leaving for the airport. I had intended to gab on about how amazing these carry-on essentials were via a cheeky blogpost whilst on-board but needless to say five episodes of Game of Thrones in with the boy and holiday mode had well and truly taken over…and delightfully remained for the entire trip. After all holidays are about being in the moment.


So now that I am back in Sydney town from my absolutely amazing #dbsworldtour (illustrated by these cheeky instagrams) let me introduce my in-flight survival kit.

TRAVEL WALLET: Having my passport, boarding passes and tickets all nestled safely in their own compartments within this travel wallet made catching all flights, trains and buses a breeze. Particularly with the handy pocket at the back of the wallet, for easy reach of my passport and boarding pass.  Not to mention this lovely leather piece was streamlined yet roomy enough to also store my boyfriend’s travel documents.


CUTE NOTEBOOKS AND PENS: Because inspiration can strike anywhere…even at 30,000 feet.


HEADPHONES AND OTHER TECH ESSENTIALS: After years of stealing Max’s headphones I finally got myself the on ear equivalent whilst navigating the duty free section at the airport. Great quality sound for those inflight shows/movies with the added noise cancelling bonus when you want to catch a few z’s. I also make sure my camera cards (gotta protect those precious travel memories), phone and camera cables and an adapter for my next location are safely in my carry-on. You never know when the airline will misplace your luggage for a day or two – as we found out near the end of our journey in Japan.


kikki.K Leather Travel/ Document Wallet A5 Essential Notebook Set and Metal Twist Ballpoint Pen

Bose Sound True On-Ear Headphones  (pictured in dear NYC here)


Now onto the beauty portion of this carry-on show.


HYDRATION: I cannot emphasise enough the importance of hydration on-board any flight. Particularly if you opt for a cheeky glass of vino.. or two. It really makes all the difference when it comes to happy skin and feeling more refreshed upon landing. Besides drinking copious amounts of water (highly recommend packing a large empty bottle for constant refilling as those small plastic cups really don’t cut it) here are the products that make my skin happy in-flight.Bonus points for dreamy scents and super cute packaging that fits within my carry-on fluid restrictions no less.


Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner


The first phase in my hydration arsenal is this dreamy rosewater scented spray that provides a lovely base for absorption of face oils and moisturisers. It’s a pretty great plane friendly alternative for those of you also partial to some Eau Thermal Uriage Water Spray action. I find that face oils take better when my skin is a tiny bit damp using this toner or simply splashing my face quickly with some water and patting dry.


Go-To Skincare Face Hero and Lips! Lip Balm


My lips are always the first to dry out and would have been a sad, flaky mess without this super balm.


I have not always had the best luck with rosehip based oils but this one is the real deal. Unlike previous experiences of my face drying out you can tell the rosehip oil in this hero, (which is combined with 9 super cool plant and nut oil friends) is pure and means business. It absorbs beautifully and does not clog your pores or make your skin feel greasy. A non negotiable in my books both on and off the plane.

Sukin Antioxidant Eye Cream
 and Sensitive Calming Night Cream


The final moisturising touch over my face oil near the end of the flight that was not heavy or oily that. You could totally keep it super low key though and stick with the facial oil and lip balm and just re-apply as needed.


Grown Alchemist Vanilla and Orange Peel Hand Cream


Because it smells amazing and keeps my hands from drying out from the liquid hand soaps and wipes on board. You could also use it as a body moisturiser if you are prone to dry skin.


Kenzo Flowers EDP


Smelling good post a long haul is a non negotiable in my books and this adorable travel sized floral scent achieves just that.


I would love to know your in-flight travel essentials and can’t wait to share my travel diaries with you soon – watch this space!


Striped Sundays – Botanical Gardens

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Nothing like being between seasons to renew your appreciation for those allrounder pieces. Cue these transeasonal staples that I tested out over the weekend before I jet off on my around my world adventure in three weeks. But who’s counting really?!
With Sydney summer behind us and a Northern Hemisphere spring on the horizon taking advantage of the subsequent sales has been a no brainer. One such sales win was these striped skorts that are an absolute dream to wear. Statement bottoms are a given for me when travelling as they add a little something special to your outfit when effortlessly mixed and matched with staple tees, jumpers and blouses. As was the case yesterday when I paired this striped number with quite possibly the best white tee I have EVER worn, classic denim and some eco friendly (recycled tyre soles for the win) sandals.
Just the right inbetweenie off duty uniform for exploring the Botanical Gardens with my dear friend. It was their first time visiting the gardens so it was lovely to stroll through the lush greenery with a fresh perspective. The perfect place to clear one’s head in the middle of the city.
Pinstripe Skorts | Country Road
Denim Jacket | Assembly Label
White Tee | J.Crew
Navy Suede Sandals | Aloha Sandals
Photos by Yi Hueih
stripes-denim-sydney stripes-sydney-botanical-gardens white-tee-stripe-shorts stripe-transeasonal